Sachi Rejuvenation Organic Buckwheat and Eco-Wool Pillow - Natural Linens

Sachi Rejuvenation Organic Buckwheat and Eco-Wool Pillow

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  • Dual chamber design
  • Extra loft for side sleepers
  • Designed to fit your head, neck and shoulders
  • 20 x 14.5 x 4 inches

The Rejuvenation Organic Buckwheat Pillow is made for side sleepers. It provides a great solution for side sleepers who need 4 inches of height. Most pillows don't give you that much which is why many wake with their neck in an uncomfortable position. You end up wakening and trying to adjust the pillow. Once your head and neck are aligned and cradled in the buckwheat pillow you have a better chance of staying asleep.

With the dual chamber design you get a generous foundation of moldable hulls to keep your head elevated and your neck aligned and a soft layer of wool batting on top to cushion your face and ear. Together these two fillings help you establish and maintain comfortable spinal alignment all night long.

The pillow is easily adjusted: Place the pillow on your bed with the wool on top for 4" of loft. If you are broad shouldered and need more loft, rotate the pillow a quarter turn so that it sits on its side with the wool facing you. In this position the Rejuvenation Buckwheat Pillow also makes a great headrest to prop yourself for bedtime reading. For a softer feel and less support you can easily open either zipper and remove some of the hulls or wool.

Made with Sateen fabric of USDA certified organic cotton fibers and filled with USDA Certified Organic buckwheat hulls and premium eco-wool.