Holy Lamb Organics Nursing Pillow - Natural Linens

Holy Lamb Organics Nursing Pillow

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  • Made in USA
  • Eco wool fill and organic cotton cover
  • Measures 23" across the front and 19" on the sides and 8" thick

This is a very popular pillow made for nursing mothers and babies. The pillow helps to lift your baby closer to your breast and relieves pressure off of your arm and legs trying to hold the baby up. When your baby gets older, the pillow is useful as a prop to sit your baby up. Made with pure eco wool fill and an organic cotton cover.

Our nursing pillow is approximately 23" across the front, the sides of the pillow are approximately 19", and the front height of the pillow is approximately 8" thick.

    Occasional washing of this product is possible with the instructions provided.