Healthy Body Head to Toe 5" Premium Wool Mattress Topper - Natural Linens

Healthy Body Head to Toe 5" Premium Wool Mattress Topper

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A nice and soft hand tufted 5" high Pure Natural or Organic Wool filled mattress for an amazing bed!  We have been making these for over 20 years for people who want purity.  Purity is key.

Wool is one of the most optimal fill options for bed accessories due to its natural temperature regulating properties and bacterial resistance. This mattress topper features an organic cotton damask outer and organically processed completely pure natural wool for the inner. The damask outer is sturdier than a sateen outer would be.

Chemical-free. Hypoallergenic.  This topper is hand tufted to prevent shifting and offers great comfort. So if your bed is feeling too hard, too hot, then this will be your answer.

Our trademarked Premium Eco Wool Batting (Domestic) - is made with locally sourced, family-run farms. This blend is made with primarily Corriedale, Suffolk, Dorset, Cheviot, Romney, Morrit, Coopworth, and Columbia sheep - ensuring an ideal amount of course and fine long fibers.

Proven by bed and furniture designers, this blend maintains a nice loft longer than poly filler or other non-natural products. We begin with exceptional low debris wool before proceeding to scouring with a mild, biodegradable soap. Finally, the scoured wool is carded or garnetted into batting.

Or Choose our World Class Wool - Our World Class Wool is imported from New Zealand. This batting showcases a cost-effective alternative for organic wool. No chemicals, pesticides, or herbicides are used in the processing of this wool. We take every opportunity to source this wool directly from family farms. We use several different sheep breeds to create our Wool Class Wool including Dorset and Columbia.

Or Choose our Certified Organic Wool - Organic Wool Batting (GOTS Certified).  Our Organic Wool Batting is made with Dorset and Columbia sheep and sourced in New Zealand. This wool is scoured with organic agents. This wool tends to be less fluffy than EcoWool. 

Spot clean using 1 part natural cleaner or vinegar to 2 parts water. Hand tufted and made to order, it can take 2-3 days for this item to be made and ready to ship out.

Made here at our San Diego, CA facility and packaged in pure polyethylene for your purity protection.