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SDH Fine Fabric Wash

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The SDH line of fabric care is pure and natural — and leaves your linens fresh and clean. We strongly recommend using our Fine Fabric Wash to ensure your luxury linens last for many years to come. Recommended for use with all SDH luxury bedding.

SDH linens are made to last and when properly cared for.  Machine washing is the best way to care for our linens as it not only restore the ample loft and volume of our fabrics, but it accentuates the inherent texture and luster of the natural fibers.

Clean citrus scent with no dyes, perfume, alcohol, phosphates, petroleum solvents, brightening agents or chlorine.

Ingredient list:  Purified water, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Sodium Citrate (Lemon Juice), Sodium Metasillicate, Lemon Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Salt.

Sold as a 6-Pack of 32 oz per bottle (total 192 oz. per pack).

Please follow these guidelines:

Our Legna sheets are machine washable using warm water and SDH Fine Fabric Wash. Tumble dry using a low temperature, gentle cycle.

Our towels should always be washed before their first use.  They are easily machine washable using warm water and SDH Fine Fabric Wash. Tumble dry.


• When washing, be sure to turn your linens inside out if possible.

• It's best to wash your pieces separately to give them plenty of water and adequate space.  Therefore make sure your larger items comfortable fit in your home washer.

• Linens made from natural fibers such as silk, linen, cotton, cashmere and wool should be washed in cool or cold water.

• Use only SDH Fine Fabric Wash as it is specifically formulated to gently and effectively clean fine washables. It is super concentrated, cold water active and biodegradable. And because it rinses away clean, leaving no damaging residue to break down fibers, it can keep fine linens in newer condition longer.

• Do not use any brighteners, bleaches or fabric softeners on our products.

• Set the wash cycle to spin-dry thoroughly and remove from the washer at once. Leaving them wet will cause the fibers to shrink or felt.

• Do not over-dry natural fibers as it will alter their shape, increase wrinkles and make the fabric brittle.

• Please be careful with lotions and medications that may come in contact with your linens. Avoid products with alpha hydroxy, retinol or any bleaching agent as they can discolor and destroy the fabric.