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Healthy Body Head to Toe EcoWool Filled Organic Cotton Comforters

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A nice hand tufted wool comforter just right for the winter chills! Wool is one of the most optimal fill choices for comforters due to its natural temperature regulating properties and bacterial resistance. This comforter features an organic cotton damask outer and organically processed ecowool for the inner. The 240 TC damask outer is sturdier than a cheap sateen outer, great for those with dogs, children, or who just prefer quality.

Our organically processed Ecowool, although not certified organic, we have found to be of equivalent purity to certified organic wool. In addition, Ecowool is from USA sheep, making it a great way to support our local economy! The comforter is GOTS certified damask and is hand tufted to prevent shifting.

Regular fill is optimal for areas which get very cold during the winter like Chicago and New York. This comforter does not work as an all seasons comforter like the light fill does. Some people like a heavier weight on their bodies, or live in a very cold home. But for an average 68 degree home at night, regular/medium is great. 

Light fill is great for all season, even in warm areas like California. Light and airy with a lot of breath-ability to help maintain body temperature. 

All of our wool comforters are spot clean only. A duvet cover is recommended to keep outer from getting soiled.

Spot clean using 1 part natural cleaner or vinegar to 2 parts water.   Made in San Diego, CA.

Twin 68 X 86

Full/Queen 86 x 86"

King 100 x 86"