DreamFit DreamChill Mattress Protectors - Natural Linens

DreamFit DreamChill Mattress Protectors

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  • Luxuriously soft and silky protector fabric with three advanced cooling technologies 
  • Natural cooling minerals are blended into the cover fibers for long lasting cooling comfort 
  • StaDryTM technology in the cover captures, moves and releases moisture for healthy sleep. 
  • StaDryTM technology resists pooling by moving liquids away from the body further and faster 
  • StaKoolTM technology provides enhanced cooling by capturing and releasing excessive body heat 
  • 100% Waterproof barrier for a dry, comfortable and healthy sleeping environment 
  • Breathable for enhanced airflow and comfort 
  • Allergen resistant barrier for allergy sufferers 
  • 10 Year limited mattress protection warranty
  • Imported
  • Pockets are cut with a 16” deep pocket and will fit mattresses up to 21” deep

We recommend washing before using. Cold water with cool drying cycle, no bleach or bleach additives.