DreamFit® Degree 3 - 300 TC 100% Pima Cotton SPLIT HEAD Sheet Set - Natural Linens

DreamFit® 100% Pima Cotton SPLIT HEAD Sheet Set

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Cooling Innovation - 100% Pima Cotton

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Luxurious DreamFit® Split Head sheets for your Queen, King or Calif. King mattresses!

These sheets have a split head design to provide a functional sheeting solution for adjustable beds that are only split at the head of the mattress. This unique adjustable mattress design allows individual adjustability only at the head of the bed with the bottom two-thirds of the mattress remaining a one piece design.

-Silky Sateen Weave.
-Guaranteed to Fit & Stay On.
-1-Year Warranty Covers Workmanship & Material Defects.

SPLIT HEAD Queen: Flat 94x110; Fitted 30x30x80, 16.5 pockets; 2 pillowcases 31x21ea.
SPLIT HEAD King: Flat 110x110; Fitted 38x38x80, 16.5" pockets; 2 pillowcases 41x21ea.
SPLIT HEAD Calif. King: Flat 106x114; Fitted 36x36x85, 16.5" pockets; 2 pillowcases 41x21ea.

Care for all DreamFit® Linens: Wash your all DreamFit® sheets separately. Do not wind DreamFit® or any sheets around the agitator as they will become entangled. Wash on gentle cycle in warm water; do not use bleach as bleach breaks down most fabric fibers. Tumble dry on low heat and remove your DreamFit® sheets from the dryer as soon as they are dry. Rotate your sheets from the foot of the bed to the head of the bed each time you make the bed with clean sheets to help extend the life of your bedding.

DreamFit® Pima Cotton Sheets are Made in the USA with imported fabrics. Our Old World Craftsmanship assures the highest quality. DreamFit® uses twice the stitching per inch compared to cheap imitations. Custom quality, hand sewn, lock stitch sewing prevents threads from unraveling for maximum sustained quality."

Important: Please be sure to check the size of the sheets on the outside packaging before opening/removing sheets. Be sure it is the size you need as once the sheets are removed from product packaging, they are not returnable or exchangeable (unless there is a warranty issue). Please see our returns/exchange policy for further details.