Bean Products Organic Cotton Shower Curtain

  • $95.00

  • 10 oz. organic cotton duck fabric.
  • Free of flame-retardants or chemicals.
  • No plastic liner needed.
  • Size: 70 x 84".*
  • Handcrafted in the U.S.A.

Hand-crafted here in the USA of durable and beautiful 10 oz. organic cotton duck fabric. The curtain will stop water from spraying outside your shower without a plastic liner. The shower curtain will get wet, but will not leak through. The cotton shower curtain will rapidly air dry which helps prevents mold growth associated with plastic liners. The cotton shower curtain resists mildew and mold by drying quickly and not trapping moisture against the inside of the tub like plastic liners do. After showering simply spread the curtain out so air can dry it, try not to leave it gathered at one end of the tub. This curtain does not have the annoying property of billowing out towards the shower spray like lightweight plastic liners do.

Size: 70 x 84" (*large size to allow for shrinkage - final size will be smaller).