Bean Products Wheat Dreamz Organic Cotton Flannel Pillow Cover

  • $24.00

  • Organic cotton flannel.
  • Available in White and Natural.
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Fit all Bean Products bed pillows.

Bean Products' Wheat Dreamz™ pure certified organic cotton flannel pillowcases are designed to fit Wheat Dreamz as well as all other types of Bean Products bed pillows (including Standard, Queen, King, Toddler/Travel size (17 X 21), Japanese Traditional, and Neck Roll pillows sized at or under 16 x 6). 100% certified organic flannel covers come with a unique fully closed end internal flap envelope enclosure to completely enclose the pillow and keep it cleaner and contained.

Eco-friendly: Grown without pesticides, fungicides or chemical fertilizers for a healthier planet and people, and fully biodegradable. Complies with all GOTS (Global Organic Textile Regular) certification rules for spinning yarns, weaving, and finishing this extraordinary fabric that is MADE IN THE USA.

Care: Machine wash on cold, tumble dry on low, use non-toxic natural laundry cleaners to maintain purity of your pillow cover.

Handcrafted by Bean Products in Chicago, Illinois.