Bean Products Organic Kapok Body Pillow

  • $99.95

  • Available in Adult and Teen/Child sizes.
  • Organic kapok fill and unbleached, all-cotton shell.
  • No flame retardants or any chemicals are sprayed or used for any of Bean products including fills and inserts.
  • Zipper access to adjust fill.
  • Handcrafted and manufactured in the U.S.A.
  • The Adult Body Pillow measures 66".
  • The Teen Body Pillow measures 54".

Bean Products Adult Organic Kapok Sleeping Body Pillow is made with natural (silk-like) tree seed fiber fill and an unbleached, all cotton shell. Kapok is a sustainable and pesticide-free product, hypoallergenic, resilient, lightweight, soft to the touch and water/mold resistant. Organic and chemical-free. Its cylindrical shape was designed to conform naturally to the human body to allow sleeping in the healthiest possible position - the semi-fetal curl. Soft and huggable, the cylindrical Bean is made from 100% cotton that molds to support your body. As you sleep, it effortlessly aligns your spine, reduces pain and muscle stress, and encourages healthy sleep positions. A zipper provides access to add or remove fill to obtain the perfect firmness level. Protective pillowcases are available separately in a variety of colors.

Children and Teens love the smaller Teen Bean (4 1/2 ft.) The Bean provides emotional comfort which can ward off the Boogie Man and make sleep easier.

Protective pillowcases sold separately.