Experience the Sleep & Beyond Difference!

• Named to the “Top 3 Best Wool Bedding Brands” in North America, S&B™ prides themselves to be the experts in organic and natural wool-filled bedding and beyond.

• S&B™ products carry the most stringent certifications (USDA Organic, Oeko TEX, Woolmark, and GOTS) to back up our statements such as “100% natural” or “100% organic”. S&B™ products are tested to be free of carcinogenic chemicals.

• Only the finest and purest nature created raw materials, such as organic Merino wool, natural Shropshire wool, and organic and natural cotton are used to create each of their masterpieces. S&B™ raises their own Merino sheep in the mountainous lands of Kyrgyz Republic, which produce superfine organic wool for myMerino collection. They pay fair wages to factory workers, provide great working conditions, and never use child labor.

• By purchasing S&B™ bedding, you support many local economies around the world, protect the environment from pollution, promote a balanced ecosystem and prolong your health.

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