Pacific Coast Double Down Around Pillow - Natural Linens

Pacific Coast Double Down Around Pillow

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  • 230 thread count cotton cover
  • Choice of many finer hotels
  • Hyperclean® Pacific Coast® down and Eurofeather® fill
  • 550 fill power Pacific Coast® down
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Pillow-in-a-pillow design
  • Medium density pillow
  • Standard/Queen: 20" x 28, King: 20" x 36"
  • 5 year limited warranty

The Down Around design provides the luxurious comfort of a quill free down pillow, surrounding a medium density inner pillow of feathers which provides lasting support.

This unique design provides two levels of healthy, adjustable support. The cover is 230 thread count cotton. The inner, pillow-shaped chamber contains 100% feather. It is surrounded by 100% duck down. Hypoallergenic.

Care and Storage of Your Pillow: Use a pillow protector. Pillows should be covered with pillow protectors in addition to decorative pillowcases. These protectors, which often have a zipper closure, provide you an additional layer between the pillow and a pillowcase. When pillows are not in use, store them in breathable bags. Storing pillows in plastic bags will trap moisture in, which may cause the fill to mildew or disintegrate.

Washing Instructions: If the pillow you have selected is machine washable (check the care label), please follow these easy steps: Wash with a mild detergent on a warm water/gentle setting. After the wash cycle is complete, rinse the pillow two additional times (to rid the pillow of any soap that may still be in the pillow). Then spin the pillow two additional times (to rid the pillow of excess water.) Dry the pillow completely on a low heat setting. For pillows with internal chambers, you may need to dry the pillow for four to six hours. Between cycles, remove the pillow and hand fluff. Note that pillows may still be damp inside even when they feel dry to the touch. Any lumps or clumps of fill indicates dampness; continue to dry until you are sure there is no moisture left in your pillow. Between washings, the pillow can be refluffed on an air fluff setting in the dryer. Include a couple of clean tennis balls and a fabric softener sheet for extra fluff and a fresh smell.

Made in USA of imported raw materials.