kumi kookoon Dream Collection Summer Weight Silk Blanket & Throw

  • $932.00

When days are long and nights are warm, our silk-filled blankets offer light insulation from cool evening breezes.

Silk creates a peaceful environment, enhancing more than just the sleep experience. The beauty of a kumi kookoon blanket, also referred to as coverlet, brings a soothing comfort to the bedroom environment that cannot be replicated by lesser fabrics.

Smooth lines, fashioned by the unparalleled construction of our blankets, allow light to subtly play over fine details, including perimeter and box stitching, silk ties and buttons.

Whether you prefer the understated sophistication of a monochromatic scheme, or the bold statement of contrasting colors, your bed will entice your vision as well as your touch.

Queen measures 92"x90", King 104"x92", Throw 52"x72".

Dry clean only. Imported.