ElectroWarmth 12V Bunk Warmer - Natural Linens

ElectroWarmth 12V Bunk Warmer

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This is your answer to comfort and quiet. Now you can turn off the engine and run the ElectroWarmth heated mattress on 12v DC. The pad measures 36" x 60". The Automatic Comfort Control thermostat regulates heat based upon the setting you select (1 - 7). It adjusts the heat in the bunk for any change in cab temperature. Save fuel and engine wear by not having to idle your engine to stay warm.

ElectroWarmth warming system delivers consistent warmth and will safely turn off if ever used in an unsafe manner. Our 12 volt pad has a cigar plug that plugs into a cigarette lighter, or 12 volt receptacle in semi-trucks or RVs. It pins to the mattress, and may be used on a mattress that is at least 36" wide or wider, and at least 60" long or longer. The plug-in to the pad is at the foot of the bed about 5 inches in from the corner. Manufacturers Full One Year Warranty with service available after one year. 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee.