BedVoyage Resort Hand Towel

  • $14.99

  • Sold in sets of two. (2)
  • Odor and mildew resistant.
  • 60% Rayon from Bamboo / 35% Cotton / 5% Poly.
  • 3 times more absorbent than cotton.

BedVoyage Towels are the utmost in velvety softness! With a blend of rayon from bamboo, cotton and a bit of poly, the towels are incredibly durable, absorbent and amazingly soft to the touch. You will feel so pampered when you wrap this wonderful towel around your body.

BedVoyage bamboo is grown organically, without fertilizers or pesticides. We use a closed loop process to break down the bamboo, which recaptures 99% of the chemicals and re-uses them constantly. No chemicals are left on the fibers, and it is safe for babies. 

Hand Towels measure 16" x 27"

Care Instructions:
Wash in warm water, tumble dry on low to medium. Bleach, fabric softeners and dryer sheets/balls are not recommended.