Dream in the luxury of silk!

Pamper yourself with 100% Pure Silk from Yala®. Superbly soft, a silk thread is so fine that thread count far surpasses cotton.

Yala® Luxury Silk Bedding creates a natural and comforting sleep environment. Silk adjusts to your body temperature, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer by transporting moisture away from the body and into the air. Silk is a natural protein made up of amino acids, healthy for your skin and well-being. You will sleep like royalty in Yala® Luxury Silk Bedding. 16 momme.

Enjoy a heavenly night’s sleep in pure silk, a luxurious indulgence that you will thank yourself for every night.

Caring for your silk: Wash in cool water using a gentle cycle. Use mild, silk friendly soap (we recommend Charlie's Soap or other ph neutral soap). Do not bleach. Air or machine dry on low. Remove promptly from the dryer. Steam iron low setting if desired. The heat from the dryer is hard on silk, so please do not over-dry.

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