Sachi Organics Collection

A commitment to quality and to planet. 

Sachi Organics incorporates hand stuffing with machine stitching to make the highest quality products.  They use the purest raw materials, most durable fabrics and fasteners that are best for the job. 

Sachi Organics supports American farmers and has built a solid network over the years that allows them to get the best raw materials available by working with organic farms in Texas, South Dakota and California.

Sachi Organics is committed to reducing fuel consumption, carbon admission and waste.

Sachi Organics has been building relationships with organic farms, small businesses, meditation centers, massage therapists and thousands of individuals who are committed to enriching themselves and this planet. We worked on projects with women’s cooperatives in South America, helping to bring them fair trade, equal rights and a better way of life.

At Sachi Organics they use the highest quality Domestically Produced Certified Organic raw materials and premium eco-wool in their products.

"Certified Organic" means the item has been grown according to strict uniform standards that are verified by independent state or private organizations. Certification includes inspections of farm fields and processing facilities, detailed record keeping, and periodic testing of soil and water to ensure that growers and handlers are meeting the standards which have been set.

Sachi Organics Certified Organic Cotton is from the Texas Organic Cotton Marketing Cooperative TOCMC. Certified Organic buckwheat hulls from South Dakota and Premium Eco-Wool.

At Sachi Organics they hand-make the highest quality bedding using the finest all natural and organic raw materials available. Their premium eco-wool mattress toppers will transform any bed into a soft and luxurious retreat. Premium Eco-Wool quilts keep you warm in the winter and whisk away moisture in the summer. Cotton sheets and pillowcases made from organic cotton fibers will add to your bed.

-Help promote proper spinal alignment.
-Conform to your body relieving pressure, muscle tension.
-Reduce headaches with regular use.
-Circulate air & regulate temperature.
-Heavy duty 10 oz. Cotton Canvas Case.
-Professionally Made in America.

Buckwheat hulls give you support and conform to your body giving you proper spinal alignment. Regular use will reduce muscle tension in your shoulders and neck giving you a better night sleep.

Sachi Organics has been professionally manufacturing buckwheat hull pillows for over 30 years.