Your comfort is important to Pacific Coast® Feather. That's why they create bedding that feels great. They have been perfecting their methods for over a hundred years, blending European old-world craftsmanship with modern innovations. They offer the fluffiest, longest lasting down comforters and featherbeds to create a sumptuous bedroom sanctuary. Their unique cleaning method produces Hyperclean® down and feathers, which means dust, dirt and allergens have been removed - so you can rest easy. All Pacific Coast® Feather products have a 30 night comfort guarantee.

Pacific Coast® Feather carefully selects, sorts and cleans their down to assure the highest quality and longest lasting fluffiness. The patented, ComfortLock® three-sided border design keeps down from shifting to the edges and bottom of the comforter by locking the down on top, where you need it most. Comforters are warranted to be allergy free. Dust, dirt and allergens have been removed so all our down is Hyperclean®. This allows Pacific Coast® to offer an allergy-free warranty unmatched in the industry. They use the most leak proof fabrics and are sewn with 100% cotton fabrics, woven tighter and specially finished to help prevent down from escaping.

Pacific Coast® Feather products are RDS certified. The Responsible Down Standard is a voluntary global standard; companies can choose to certify their products to the RDS. Developed in conjunction with input from animal welfare groups, industry experts, brands and retailers, the RDS recognizes and rewards the best practices in animal welfare.

All Pacific Coast® Feather products are made in the USA with imported materials except our Stratus Down Comforter and Mattress Protectors which are imported.

Down Comforter Care:
Below are tips on cleaning your down products. Pacific Coast® hopes these tips and suggestions will help to keep your down products clean and in great condition to give you years of comfort.

Instead of having a dry cleaner dry clean the comforter, it is best to professionally launder the comforter. Also, it is necessary to find someone who has experience with down and feather products.

It is very important not to launder the comforter at home. Following are the reasons:

* Home washers and dryers will not do; they are too small. Only commercial size, front load washers should be used. Washers found in most homes have an agitator in the center which causes unnecessary stress on the comforter during washing.

* It is critical that no harsh detergents be used and that the heat in drying not be too high. Harsh detergents and excessive heat will cause the down to become dry and brittle and will result in the down clusters breaking.

* It is of the utmost importance to make absolutely sure that the products are totally dry. If they are not, the comforter will become moldy and decompose. Drying a comforter takes several hours. The comforter may not be dry just because the fabric is dry. You must feel it carefully and make sure all of the feathers and down are dry and fluffy and that there are absolutely no clumps left.

* The fabrics are 100% cotton and will therefore shrink a little when washed.

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