Welcome to the World of Purity. Healthy Body Head to Toe avoids toxins to enrich everyone's sleep experience. Twenty-six years of Organic Bedding made in San Diego, CA.  All outer damask fabric is GOTS certified. 

In the past few decades, our bedding has been increasingly treated with chemicals. Companies are using fabrics that have been treated with various finishes to make them wrinkle resistant, to make them blend with synthetic fibers, to make them look good on the store shelves. Then they often package them in vinyl, or other treated containers. 

We have created a pure environment to make our bedding in, and aligned with manufacturers of raw materials that do not use toxic chemicals. We have gone a step further and sent out materials for chemical testing to make sure they are really pure. 

We only make high quality organics, because if you are spending more for toxin free bedding, we want it to last. 

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