DreamFit Sheet Sets, Pillowcases, Mattress Protectors & Pillows (Regular, Split* or Split Head* sheet sets available)

DreamFit® Patented luxury linens are the only sheets guaranteed to fit and stay on the mattress with a noticeably enhanced sumptuous feel. With high quality elastic around the entire fitted sheet and high performance elastic corner bands, the DreamFit® sheets stay put without bunching, pulling or slipping. Extra wide and extra long DreamFit® design for secure tucking and total coverage.

The World's Strongest & Best Fitting Sheet™ Patented DreamFit® construction. The super strong elastic binding guarantees the same great fit on a regular mattress all the way up to the thickest pillow top. The patented strap design is what guarantees that the DreamFit® sheet will stay on any depth mattress even with the addition of feather beds, mattress pads, or foam.

All DreamFit® sheets are domestically crafted and finished. DreamFit® uses a wrinkle resistant finish. The wrinkle resistant finish dramatically reduces shrinkage while retaining cloth color. DreamFit® pill resistant finish reduces pilling and fuzzing. The result: you can't wash the look, fit or feel out of DreamFit® sheets!

May 2020 update:  DreamFit is in the process of changing their descriptions and packaging.  During the transition you may receive old or new packaging but the product remains the same as before, only the names and packaging are changing:

Comfort Innovation includes Degree 2 100% Long Staple Cotton

Degree 2 - 100% Long Staple Cotton

Cooling Innovation includes Degree 3 100% Pima Cotton and Degree 4 100% Egyptian Cotton

Degree 3 - 100% Pima Cotton

Degree 4 - 100% Egyptian Cotton

Chill Innovation includes Degree 5 Enhanced Bamboo and Degree 6 Enhanced Eucalyptus

Degree 5 - Viscose from Bamboo/Cotton Blend (Enhanced Bamboo)

Degree 6 - MicroTencel/Supima Cotton Blend (Enhanced Eucalyptus)


DreamFit® sheets and sheet sets are guaranteed to fit any mattress, and to stay on. DreamFit® sheets are guaranteed against any sewing imperfections and holes in the fabric. The elastic has been tested to last approximately 200-300 washes depending upon washing machine.

*"Split" is two separate fitted bottom sheets, while "Split Head" is one fitted bottom sheet, split at the top of the bed only, plus a flat sheet and 2 pillowcases complete the set.


  • Wash in cold water
  • Do not use bleach
  • Tumble dry on low heat and remove promptly
  • Avoid liquid fabric softeners. They can sometimes change the color and texture of our sheets.
  • Some hair and skin products can discolor sheets. Test a small and inconspicuous area first.

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