DreamFit Sheet Sets, Pillowcases, Mattress Protectors & Pillows (Regular, Split* or Split Head* sheet sets available)

DreamFit® Patented luxury linens are the only sheets guaranteed to fit and stay on the mattress with a noticeably enhanced sumptuous feel. With high quality elastic around the entire fitted sheet and high performance elastic corner bands, the DreamFit® sheets stay put without bunching, pulling or slipping. Extra wide and extra long DreamFit® design for secure tucking and total coverage.

The World's Strongest & Best Fitting Sheet™ Patented DreamFit® construction. The super strong elastic binding guarantees the same great fit on a regular mattress all the way up to the thickest pillow top. The patented strap design is what guarantees that the DreamFit® sheet will stay on any depth mattress even with the addition of feather beds, mattress pads, or foam.

All DreamFit® sheets are domestically crafted and finished. DreamFit® uses a wrinkle resistant finish. The wrinkle resistant finish dramatically reduces shrinkage while retaining cloth color. DreamFit® pill resistant finish reduces pilling and fuzzing. The result: you can't wash the look, fit or feel out of DreamFit® sheets!

Degree 2 - 260 TC Combed Cotton

Degree 3 - 300 TC Pima Cotton

Degree 4 - 400 TC Egyptian Cotton

Degree 5 - 300 TC Bamboo/Cotton Blend

Degree 6 - MicroTencel/Supima Cotton Blend (this item is part natural and part synthetic blend)


DreamFit® sheets and sheet sets are guaranteed to fit any mattress, and to stay on. DreamFit® sheets are guaranteed against any sewing imperfections and holes in the fabric. The elastic has been tested to last approximately 200-300 washes depending upon washing machine.

*Split is two separate fitted sheets, while Split Head is one adjustable mattress fitted, split at the top of the bed only)

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