Enjoy the plush softness and highest quality 100% genuine New Zealand sheepskins by Bowron. These sheepskins are highly desirable, luxurious and very comfortable to relax on. The natural fibers of the sheepskin enhance the quality of life and can be used as either a rug or throw in any living space throughout the home.

Our sheepskins are made by the world's largest woolskin tannery located in New Zealand, rightfully earning the reputation as the world's original manufacturer of quality sheepskin products for the home for over 100 years. Sheepskins are long wool natural shaped rugs with natural balanced shape, pile height is 2" to 2.4". All the sheepskins are easy care and can be dry cleaned or spot cleaned as needed.

Baby Care Single 2'x3', Single 2'x3.5', Double 2'x6', Quatro 4'x6', Sexto 6'x6', Octo 6'x7.5'

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